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About Unico, Inc.

Unico is the perfect example of a great American success story, and what vision and determination can achieve when coupled with the right environment and culture. Over 35 years ago, Joe and Sharon Intagliata had a successful HVAC contractor business. They had the drive, entrepreneurial spirit, and a commitment to their customer base. Due to that dedication, they developed a better mousetrap in the Small-Duct / High Velocity HVAC category by founding Unico in the spring of 1985.

Joe and Sharon – along with their 5 sons and the 3rd generation of family members evolved their contracting business into a family-owned engineering, manufacturing, and distribution business, which is the business known today as Unico Incorporated. Unico is recognized as the leader in the Small-Duct / High Velocity segment of the HVAC marketplace.

Why A Small-Duct/High Velocity HVAC System?

Whether you need a complete system zoned or superior whole house comfort, the Unico HVAC System is designeg to Fit Your Lifestyle as well as your home or business needs.

The Unico System is the leader in the Small-Duct / High Velocity (SDHV) HVAC technology, removing the need for bulky and costly ductwork and unsightly indoor split system units mounted on the wall. The Unico System technology lends itself well to the new construction design, remodel, and renovation needs.

The typical Unico System often requires about 1/3rd the space of a traditional HVAC system and does not compromise in cooling or heating requirements. Because The Unico System utilizes state of the art 2-inch and 2.5-inch attenuator and aluminum tubing it can be designed to fit in your home while delivering superior comfort and virtually sound-free ventilation and air movement.

Why Unico?

The Unico System has been installed in more than 500,000 homes in the U.S and numerous other countries. Manufacturing products in the USA out of a 125,000 square foot facility in Arnold, MO a suburb of St. Louis, MO, the facility includes 15,000 square feet of offices and a 4,00 square foot testing lab which was built in part with a $2 million dollar grant from the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE).

The Unico System is known for its energy efficiency and Unico is a training partner with DOE on its Zero Energy Ready Home program. This program recognizes homes that are so energy efficient that a renewable energy system such as solar or geothermal can offset all or most of its annual energy consumption. Unico’s system design also lends itself to the High Efficiency / Low Load Home standards and for this reason, Unico is often specified by architects and designers when meeting the demands of the HERS rating of the International Energy  Conservation Code (IECC).

More than 2,500 Preferred Unico Contractors nationwide are authorized to install The Unico System in custom, new homes as well as historic homes and buildings. Installers regularly attend thorough in-person and on-line training sessions in order to help solve any design or construction challenge to deliver the best possible heating and air conditioning solutions. The Unico System is recognized by architectural and historic preservation groups for its ability to be installed in older homes- as well as new residential construction – without disruptive soffits and dropped ceilings. The small-diameter, flexible ducting can weave between walls, below floors and above ceilings, quietly delivering heating and cooling through small round or slotted room outlets.

The Unico System also includes high efficiency heating and cooling alternatives for tights spaces and hard-to-reach locations as needed.

Don't compromise your home's design!

Our Commitment to You


Through product innovation and commitment to ISO standard, Unico continues to deliver category leading products and services both to the trade and end user communities. 

Our commitment to being ISO 9001 compliant raises levels of quality, safety, efficiency, and interchangeability. This translates to our products and services meeting consumers’ demanding expectations.


The Unico System is efficient and innovative by design. It maintains better duct efficiency due to less leakage. “Head-to-toe” drafts are minimized, and the overall noise decibel level is whisper quiet.  

The high discharge velocity of 1,000-2,000 fpm mixes the air through aspiration for better overall comfort. The air handler is also deigned to isolate noise and vibration. While you’ll fell the comfort our system provides, you’ll hardly notice it’s running.


Contractor knowledge and experience are critical to The Unico System operating at he highest level for years to come. We make it easy to learn about The Unico System, offering three types of training programs: Online Training, Field Training, or In-Factory Training.


Unico’s innovations are know to ease installation challenges, providing years of dependability and worry-free use in applications ranging from new home construction to the retrofitting of historic national landmarks. Unico’s design and product innovations are trusted by renowned architect and designers when specifying SDHV system for their unique projects need.

Customer Support

At Unico we pride ourselves in providing great customer care, we staff our customer care center with seasoned representatives whose sole purpose is to ensure your success as Unico customer.

We understand individuals require various forms of communication to support their busy schedules so we offer email, chat, and direct call in numbers for your convenience. 

Cobalt Creed Approach

Technical Support

With more than 70 years of industry experience, our Technical Support team can help guide installers through hard-to-tackle projects, offering part numbers, pricing, part match-ups, and any other technical inquiries one might have. The technical support team also helps contractors troubleshoot an installation and process warranty claims.

Design Services

Unico can help design HVAC projects and will lay out he ductwork, outlets, equipment location, and provide a material list, at NO CHARGE!

Unico can receive plans in Auto-Cad, PDF, J PEG, and hard copy.

Unico Advantages

Unico System Outlets

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