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One of our founding principles is healthy indoor air. This means careful moisture management and a high rate of ventilation. Amazingly, increasing air exchanges per hour, a very low cost intervention, can reduce transmission of illness up to 90% and dramatically reduces exposure to indoor pollutants. Additionally, instead of expensive air cleaners, we simply keep pollutants out in the first place so both kids and adults can breathe clean pollutant free air.

An established healthy building’s greatest risk are items carried into it – cleaning products, weed and critter control products, etc. We recommend flame-retardant-free millwork and furniture where possible, and always use spec low- or zero-VOC materials.

Common contaminants found in your indoor air eliminated by


In 2008, Steve and Tina Bostic of Insulsteel Constructors were looking for an HVAC solution for their newly formed construction company. At the International Builders Show that year, they were introduced to Shawn Intagliata of Cobalt Creed. Since then, Insulsteel and Cobalt Creed have partnered on many of their award-winning houses. Cobalt Creed today designs all of the Unico System HVAC for each home, building and structure that Insulsteel builds.

Insulsteel’s award winning homes are energy efficient resulting in near zero cost of heating and cooling in the Charleston, South Carolina market.  The Insulsteel proprietary thermal envelope and wall construction creates a tight, leak free structure for each home. The Unico System is the perfect match for these homes providing relative humidity levels that average 48% year round, even temperatures across the built space, quiet airflow and most important, low energy costs for heating and air conditioning.

Please review the photos of the Cottage Plantation Lane home. In 2017, this home won Insulsteel an honorable mention from the Department of Energy, Zero Energy Ready Homes division for efficiency and comfort.

Insulsteel builds homes to Indoor AirPLUS construction specifications, which are certified by independent raters. The goal of EPA Indoor AirPLUS is to promote healthy indoor air conditions for the public, both in their homes and in indoor public spaces. EPA studies show that air pollution levels inside the average home are often two to five times higher than outdoor levels.

Every Insulsteel EcoShell™ home has certified indoor air quality – protecting from moisture and mold, pests, combustion gases, and other air pollutants.

Certified indoor air is healthier for everyone, especially for people with asthma, allergies, COPD and chemical sensitivities.