Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Does Cobalt Creed sell the Unico System technology and related HVAC products direct to the builder?

Yes, Cobalt Creed is an owner of the Unico Inc. manufacturing company and as such is sending our technology direct from Unico to the builder, project manager, developer or building related entity.

What is the cost for the layout and design services?

No cost. Cobalt Creed provides layout and design services at no cost to the builders that we work with.

Does Cobalt Creed do the Manual J heat gain, heat loss calculation for the builder?

Yes, Cobalt Creed matches the builders floor plan and building criteria (wall R, ceiling R, window U, window SHGC among others) to calculate by room the BTU’s of cooling and heating necessary to deliver the comfort the builder’s client expects.

Does the Unico System work with Smart thermostats and home automation controls?

Yes, the Unico System works with most common Smart thermostats and home automation systems.

Does an installing local contractor need training to install the system?

N0, Cobalt Creed will work with your preferred contractor on site to make certain that the 1st system is installed properly and by design.