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Cobalt Creed story begins in 1985 when Joe Intagliata of St. Louis, Missouri, created the Unico Corporation to manufacture the Unico System. The Unico System is the leading Small Duct High Velocity (SDHV) HVAC technology for high performance homes, tight thermal envelope construction, and any home where indoor moisture management, indoor air quality, even temperature across the built space, and quiet operation are critical to the performance of the home, and most importantly, the comfort of the occupant.

In 2013, Unico assigned Shawn Intagliata to develop and execute a strategy to communicate to the high performance home industry the benefits to the builder and their clients of using the Unico Small Duct HVAC technology. This effort made clear that a new sales channel was required and in late 2016 Cobalt Creed was born.

Cobalt Creed engineers, designs, creates material lists and delivers the Unico and integrated other HVAC technologies direct to the builder, developer, project manager or general contractor. This direct sale eliminates levels of mark up and inefficiency in the historic HVAC sales channel, saving the project money and making it easy to employ the Unico HVAC technology in all projects.

At Cobalt Creed we see the future of construction as an integrated process with the Unico System being integral to efficient, high performance housing.

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