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Module Black Street project-Modules

Shawn and Chris Intagliata met Ankur Dobriyal, project manager at Module Housing in October of 2018. Shawn, Chris and Ankur were attending the NAHB Building Resources Council annual meeting in Knoxville, Tennessee. Ankur spoke very passionately about his company Module Housing (located in Pittsburgh, PA) and the way they were looking to change the way housing is
built. Shawn and Chris got excited as well and volunteered to help with the Module Black Street project-Modules first large scale project.

Module and Cobalt worked all of 2019 on the design, engineering and implementation of the Unico HVAC in the project. In February of 2020, Shawn and his colleague Mickey Lubinski, traveled to Strattanville, PA to install the Unico HVAC Systems for Black Street 1 and Black Street 2 at the SMI modular home factory. Photos are below and please look at the video below to see a detailed explanation of how the Unico ducting was completely installed in the factory in a 4.5” high interstitial space between floors. Module and Cobalt are partnering on this project and many more to come. We will update as we get to completion.

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