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Step 1


We are the manufacturer. Shawn and his family have been manufacturing the Unico System in St. Louis since 1985. Our goal is to provide you with the Unico HVAC technology at the lowest possible cost with the highest level of service and support. The end result is the highest level of comfort at the lowest material and energy prices for you and your customer.

Step 2

Material List

Cobalt will engineer your system and from the engineering create a duct design and layout. The duct design then is our basis to create a part by part material list.

Step 3


With our detailed material list in hand, we create your pricing. Pricing is by part and Cobalt can integrate, provide and price any HVAC part or equipment for your project. The price to you is direct from the factory. Your pricing is custom made to you based upon your needs and volume.

Step 4


Delivery is direct to you from our factory. Freight cost to you in most cases is ZERO. When freight needs to be applied we use our buying power to drive the lowest cost of shipping to you. We deliver direct to your office, job site, contractor, warehouse or field location.

Step 5

Onsite Support

Cobalt Creed will work on site with you, your contractor or your builder to insure that the system is installed properly. We know that when your first system goes in properly and works per design and our comfort guarantees, that you will be a customer for years to come.


Cobalt Creed services builders, developers, project managers and building related entities to achieve the highest levels of comfort, Indoor Air Quality (IAQ), and low energy costs from the HVAC systems installed for their projects and their customers. Our approach is centered around the Unico System. The Unico System is a Small Duct, High Velocity (SDHV) central heating and cooling system.


​​We are the manufacturer. Cobalt Creed is the direct to builder arm of Unico Inc., manufacturer of the Unico System Small Duct High Velocity HVAC. Unico is an International Standards Organization (ISO) certified company and prides itself on the highest quality and workmanship in all of our products. You are buying direct from us the manufacturer. This enables us to partner closer, serve your needs in a more efficient manner and deliver product on time and to the exact location.


Cobalt Creed takes your architectural drawings and performs the following engineering and design services-all at no charge to you:

Manual J

Engineering study which determines BTU’s per room of heating and cooling based upon the architectural characteristics and energy saving features of your home or building design.

Manual S

We provide the recommended equipment both inside and outside to achieve the comfort levels determined in our Manual J BTU engineering exercise.



The Manual J, Manual D and Manual S described above can in many cases be used as the documentation to apply for the local HVAC mechanical permit. 

Manual D

We draw an exact supply and return ducting system which includes sizing, number of supply and returns for each room and suggested location of each supply outlet and return air grill.

Material List

Cobalt delivers a complete material list with pricing.  This is pricing from us the manufacturer to you the client. 


Once your order is placed, we get to work packaging the materials and readying them for safe shipment to the location of your choice.  99% of orders placed are on the road to you in 5 business days or less.

On-site Support with you or your installing contractor

Cobalt Creed believes in our HVAC solutions. We also know that comfort with a technology requires experience and hands on training and support is always the best way to achieve that comfort. Cobalt will work with you or your installing contractor on site for 2 days on our first project. We will continue to work with you on as many projects as necessary but it is our goal to have you and your team confident, self-sufficient and installing at the highest levels. Below is a video of our work in a modular factory supporting the SMI modular team in Strattanville, PA install their first Unico System with Cobalt Creed.

Pricing direct to you eliminating 3 levels of mark up:

Outdated HVAC sales model

Manufacturer Sells a $50 item to Mark up to next level

Sales Rep – $50 x 1.15 = $57.50

HVAC Distribution – $57.50 x 1.25 = $71.87

HVAC contractor – $71.87 x 1.40 = $100.63

You pay – $100.63

Cobalt Creed model

Cobalt sells a $50.00 item direct to You

You pay – $50.00

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